Welcome to the WellFed Community!

Welcome to the WellFed Community!

February 15, 2021

We created this community to provide education on real-world application of creating a sustainable food cycle through food planning, food waste, gardening, etc. to all populations in order to create a collaborative model that uplifts disadvantaged communities. We want to engage the community and inform people about how to create healthy meals, habits, and community.

Our Overall Goal is to establish long-term engagement with at-risk populations; nutrition (with a focus on plant-based eating) and sustainability education; to cultivate an understanding of where food is grown and how food waste can be repurposed.

Some outcomes that we will focus on:

  •  Improvement in eating habits among children leading to reduced onset of chronic illnesses like obesity or diabetes, and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease later in life;
  •  Increased repurposing of food waste, thereby contributing to improved environmental health;
  •  Community that is motivated to grow its own food, source foods in a sustainable way, and protect their physical surroundings.

This blog, which we have decided to call The Green Room is where we will share information about healthy living, sustainability, and food. We have contributors with all kinds of backgrounds and interests who will be sharing their knowledge and research. If there is something you want us to write about, let us know! 

We are a part of THE WELL, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and our partner in creating change! The Well believes in building relationships to meet people's needs, building bridges and building a #WellBuiltCity

They do this through weekly food distribution, operating a community garden, stimulating entrepreneurship and more! We are proud to be working under the umbrella of such a strong, community-building organization. 

THE WELL Mission
THE WELL Mission

We are already active online sharing recipes, food facts, and lots more! We are also interactive in-person, doing live cooking demonstrations on the fourth Friday every month at the Harvest Hope Park (13704 N 20th St. Tampa, FL) and on the third Monday of every month we are at the Kinship Free Market (609 Waters Ave. Tampa, FL) doing Grab & Go recipes and samples involving items available at the market. 

Check out our website and social media to learn more! Be sure to follow us on InstagramYoutubeTwitter, and Facebook! 

This post was written by Savannah B.

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