• Dhalia Bumbaca


    "Being WellFed is more then just satisfying your basic needs, but feeding yourself in such a way that you have the energy and enthusiasm for life!"

  • Savannah Bennett


    "Being WellFed means knowing the impact of your food in every aspect. Where it comes from, how it gets to you, what it does for your body, and where it goes when it is not consumed. Finding the balance between health, time, and budget can be difficult, but it is possible if given the right resources and opportunities."

  • Richa Bisht


    "Being WellFed is understanding how what we eat impacts our wellbeing. Nutritious food can set us up for a lifetime of good health and has the power to strengthen communities through shared experiences in the garden, kitchen, or table."

  • Isabella Adwell

    Social Media Manager

    Undergraduate Student at Florida International University

    "Being WellFed is having a connection to food through a passion of holistic health and education. It encourages our community to come together and recognize the importance of a balanced & healthy lifestyle."

  • Christiane Barros Adwell


    “Being WellFed is more than just feeding our hunger. It means to feed the entire body, mind and spirit. It includes having a relationship with food in its entirety by understanding where the food comes from, how it is treated, produced and harvested, why our bodies need it, and how we can put it back in to the earth closing the loop of the food journey.  It is also about bonding, creating, and interacting amongst people and cultures”

  • MJ Morin

    Education Advisor

    Being WellFed to me is helping those affected by food insecurity find reliable access to healthy food and then providing support to educate and demonstrate how a positive diet effects growth, development and healing from an unwell body or mind. I believe: Food is Fuel. Food is Medicine. Food is Culture. Food is Survival.

  • Prathima Kannan

    Registered Dietitian

    Being WellFed to me has many powerful consequences such as increased self-sufficiency, feeling empowered and independent, and improved physical health and vitality. Being well fed is a human right and must be accessible to all so everyone and their community can reach their potential.